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Empty space is spread over infinity. Studies done by scientists prove that all the light rays radiating from stars, are being reflected. These findings conclude that the universe must be detached from the empty space. Satellite-based observatories convey the images of deep space which explains and clarifies the true space by visualizing it. Conventional Physics states that there exists absolute space in the universe. Absolute space was considered as a three-dimensional entity which is fixed and always at rest. Absolute time was treated as a separate dimension independent of space. Time was expected to show any event occurrence independent of the observer. The time was considered as absolute as well as uniform everywhere in the Universe, independent of space, matter and human being. Now all these concepts have undergone a major change, based on the great Einstein’s theory of relativity. Thus the terms ‘distance’, ‘interval’ ‘and’ speed’ are no longer considered as absolute. They have completely relative. The relativity theory has succeeded in showing how the entities like space, time and motion are structures of the human mind. The sun rise and sun set are determined by the factors like earth’s rotation which is further determined by the position of stars and galaxies. Time cannot move as such. The entity is just a psychological insight of human mind. The present alone is the independent everlasting reality whereas past and future are only our mental conceptions.

Astronomy is one of the science branches that deal with the study of all celestial bodies. We get all information regarding these planetary bodies through the medium of electromagnetic radiation, which is a signified part of the visible spectrum. Modern concepts of this branch have revealed many other mysterious objects like quasars and pulsars, radio galaxies, and so on. These observations also give detailed explanation on the physical theories relating to black holes and neutron stars.

Space Updates

The deadly break-up of the flight SpaceShip Two rocket plane is updated news from the space. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has found that it was partially the mistake of the co-pilot of the flight. The innovative spaceflight was built by Scaled Composites, a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corp., and was undergoing flight tests under contract with Virgin Galactic. The test flights were expected to pave the way toward the start of commercial launches carrying space tourists on brief sub-orbital trips above the discernible atmosphere.

In the recent space flight news, the U.S Air Force pushed an advanced military communication satellite (Milsat) into space on July 24, 2015, the latest one to enter the developing ‘Milsat’ constellation. The satellite Wide-band Global Satcom-7 (or WGS-7) was launched from Florida. It was put into orbit by the Delta IV rocket, by the United Launch Alliance. It is the seventh WGS satellite of the series. This satellite constellation provides capable wide band communication to U.S. military applications. Spaceflight Now announced that RS-68A was employed as the main engine in the launch vehicle. All engines are in the process of upgrading for standardizing all Delta IV rocket vehicle configurations.

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